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Ken-Zen Dojo

54 Thomas Street, New York NY 10013
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(917) 841-4001 |

Chief Instructors

Daniel T. Ebihara, Kendo Kyoshi, 7-Dan

Pam Parker, Iaido Kyoshi, 7-Dan

Koji Takahashi, Kendo Renshi, 7-Dan


Tuesday / Thursday: 7 – 9pm
Sunday: 12:30 – 2pm

Wednesday: 7 – 9pm
Saturday: 4 – 6pm

Wednesday: 6 – 7pm
Saturday: 3 – 4pm

Ken-Zen Kids
Kendo for ages 5 to about 10
Sunday: 10:30 – 11:15am

Membership Fees and Dues

Joining Fee
One-time, non-refundable
Adults, $200
Students with ID, $100
Children, $100 (Not applicable to Ken-Zen Kids.)

Monthly Dojo Dues
Kendo, $100
Iaido, $100
Jodo, $50
Ken-Zen Kids, $50

Annual Federation Dues
All U.S. Kendo Federation and All Eastern U.S. Kendo Federation
All Yudansha, $80
Adult Kyu (18 or older), $80
Youth Kyu (17 or under), $50

Those participating in more than one discipline will receive a discount of 50% off any additional discipline.
(Examples: Kendo and Iaido = $150; Iaido and Jodo = $125, etc.)

One-time Trial Practice
For potential students in any discipline
$10/per discipline

Visitor Fee (“mat fee”)
$10 per practice
Applicable to guests physically participating in any of the above disciplines.
All participating physically are required to provide proof of “full vaccination” against Covid-19.
There is no fee to observe a practice.
Please email prior to your visit.

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