"Please feel free to come by and watch any of our classes without an appointment. We look forward to practicing with you." – Daniel T. Ebihara

Ken-Zen Institute Dojo Locations and Practice Schedules:

Ken-Zen Dojo • New York City 54 Thomas St. New York NY 10013 (212) 406-9104 / kenzensensei@gmail.com Chief Instructors: Kendo: Daniel T. Ebihara; Kendo Kyoshi, 7-Dan Iaido: Pam Parker; Iaido Renshi, 7-Dan Kendo: Tue. / Thur. 7-9pm Sun. 12:30-2pm Iaido: Wed. 6-8pm Sat. 4-6pm Monthly Membership Fee:
Kendo $75
Iaido $50
Membership Registration Fee (one-time, non-refundable):
Adults $150
Students (with ID) $75
Children $75
Annual Federation Dues (combined All US Kendo Federation and All Eastern US Kendo Federation):
All Yudansha $80
Adult Kyu (age 18 years and older) $80
Youth Kyu (age 17 years or under) $50

Yushinkan Dojo • Westchester EF School 100 Marymount Ave. Tarrytown NY 10591 (914) 769-0674 / dkchapman@earthlink.net Instructor: Dan Chapman; Kendo, 5-Dan Kendo: Sat. 10:15-11:45am

Meitokukan Dojo • NY Capital District RPI Mueller Center 15th street & Sage avenue Troy, NY 12180 nuki.waza@gmail.com Kendo: Mon. / Wed. 6:30-8:30 pm Sat. 1-3pm

Sei-Zan Kai • Massachusetts Munson Memorial Library 1046 South East St. Amherst MA 01002 seizanken@yahoo.com Instructor: Thomas Hooper; Kendo and Iaido Renshi, 6-Dan Kendo: Thur. 8-9:30pm Sat. 3-5pm Iaido: Thur. 6:30-8pm Sat. 1-3pm

Ken-Zen Dojo de Venezuela • Caracas C.C. Santa Fe, Nivel 03 Alameda, Physical Spa Venezuela 058.212.979.4546 / Alt. Ph.: 058.414.223.1714 www.kenzen.com.ve / http://www.kendo-venezuela.blogspot.com/ Facebook: Kendo. Ken Zen Dojo de Venezuela Instructors: Ariel Pintos; Kendo, 4-Dan ( arielpintos@cantv.net ) Juan Carlos Araujo; Kendo, 4-Dan ( juanaraujou@gmail.com ) Kendo: Mon. 8:30-9:30pm Wed. / Fri. 7:30-9:30pm Sat. 11:30am-1:30pm